Polyurethane Aprons, Waterproof Aprons

  • Reusable cleaners aprons
  • 100% Polyurethane 5.5 ml thick
  • 1 pc die cut seamless reusable Apron
  • 36″ wide  x   50″ Long (full body cover)
  • No stitch means no place for bacterial trap
  • Glossy finish for easy cleaning and easy wash
  • easy water or liquide slide therefore fast dry.
  • Great use for Fish cleaners, Butchers, Meat process plant, easy to wear and hang dry, very durable rubber , non woven therefore no holes into the fabric surface so no blood or any stein trap, very Glossy finish surface for easy slide of blood, oil, water or dirt therefore fast clean and fast dry, just spray water or take a rag and slide the liquide for fast clean.
  • 1 peace die cut , including neck and waist straps, 36 inch wide from chest to bottom and 50 inch long from center front neckline, aprons measures 58-59 inch long from center back neckline. edges of aprons are soft for skin and the material itself is very soft light feel, no skin cut with the edge of this material. these aprons are not transparent, the face of the material is glossy and shiny and back of the material is non glossy, therefore can be wearable either side.
  • Patterns are cut to fit any person who is from 5 ft to 6 ft tall
  • Customize Aprons are available for taller or larger person, large orders welcome with choice of colors and sizes.
  • Minimum Order require, please contact us for more information
  • Clients can personalize these aprons with Your logo with hot Die stamp as large as 6″ wide logo and 1 color only.
  • we have sold to many seafood stores and butchers and they are pleased with the product.
  • Clients can order Marial swatch, we can mail free of cost.
  • Customers or visitors can order apron sample online and if you are not satisfied, simply return to us and we will refund 100%. (excluding any shipping cost)
Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 35 × 27 × 3 cm

Black, Blood Red, White


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